Tenielle Nuske

 Marriage Celebrant

Wordsmith. Adelaidian. Maker of marriages. Here to help kick yours off the right way.

Who I Am

I'm Tenielle. I'm passionate about craft beer, glittery shoes, and making marriages. I'm here to help guide you through the nitty-gritty, the legal stuff that make this thing legit, and to celebrate two rad humans finding their lobsters.

If you're wanting to kick start wedded life with an honest, unique and personalised celebration of you both; you're in the right place.


I've been a marriage celebrant since January 2017, and bring with me a fresh approach to wedding ceremonies. I'm a middle school teacher by day, and on the weekends I don my celebrant cap and find myself in some pretty epic locations with some pretty cool people.

What I do

marry the shit outta you

Wanna get hitched? Great! You've come to the right place.

A couple of pointers before we get started:

  • You need to be over 18

  • You can't be married already

  • You can't be related

  • You both need to be consenting

  • You need to give a minimum 1 month of notice

If you meet these criteria; we're ready to rock and roll!

Write Wicked Ceremonies

Each and every couple I marry has a different background, a different vision, and a different outlook on what they want their ceremony to be. Some couples have no idea at all. And that's okay!

My ceremonies are one of a kind; I don't copy and paste. Each and every ceremony I perform has seen me pour my heart and soul into it; meetings, client surveys, countless hours of work, many cups of coffee and many late nights. I don't stop until it's just right, and even then it's always up for fine tuning!

Say it loud and proud

I am one proud PA mum. 

My sound system is your choice between a Bose L1 or a Bose S1 model. They're gutsy, discrete and have never let me down. If you'd like your guests to be able to hear as well as see your ceremony; I've got you covered.

I use a Sennheiser handheld wireless mic, and have both auxiliary (AUX) and Bluetooth music inputs if you'd like to play some tunes.

Videographers are welcome to use my PA output for their masterpieces also (just let me know before plugging in).

travel far and wide

The world is a small place. I'll travel wherever I'm needed, like Superman. Unlike Superman, I don't have flying powers.


Travel within 30km of Adelaide CBD is included. Beyond that, let's chat. Interstate and overseas weddings are encouraged, pending date availability.

Drink the cafe out of coffee

Oh god, I love a good drop.


I offer everyone a complimentary meeting to catch up and see if we vibe before you book with me. My shout.


Clients are free to hit me up for meetings to get to know each other and set out a game plan for your ceremony.

And if coffee ain't yo thang, I can be tempted to visit most places with a craft beer on the drinks list.

Laptop & Coffee


Services I Provide

Super fun happy times

Weddings are a fun, loved filled occasion! I make sure your ceremony sets the bar for a day full of warm fuzzies, good vibes and a kick-ass celebration.


By getting to know my couples, learning what's important to them in a wedding ceremony and speaking their language, I create ceremonies that are a true reflection of each couple I work with. 

Life's too short for boring ceremonies, and your love is too incredible to not give it the attention it deserves.

If you're the type of people who value the importance of a killer ceremony, you're my kind of people.

"For you see, marriage is a lot like an orange. First, you have the skin... then the sweet, sweet innards..."

Homer Simpson

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