Always wanted a friend to marry you? Well with my help, they can!


You know that episode of Friends when Chandler and Monica get married, and Joey is the one who gets to marry them? Yeah, that's the reason I became a celebrant. My best mate got engaged and I was all, "NO WAY AM I HAVING SOME RANDOM STAND UP BETWEEN MY BEST FRIEND AND HER SOULMATE TELLING EVERYONE ABOUT THEIR LOVE SORY WHEN THEY KNOW JACK SHIT ABOUT THEM!"

So! Driven by the thought of being the Joey to my Monica and Chandler, I jumped on the Googles and started my journey to becoming a celebrant. Long story short, it cost A LOT of money and A LOT of time to get my qualification and registration.


All for one wedding? So not worth it.

Fortunately I actually discovered a passion for creative writing and a use for my confident public speaking. Plus, a few of my friends were engaged and I thought it would be a pretty cool thing to do.

Hindsight is wonderful, and I would not recommend the process of becoming a civil marriage celebrant all for the sake of one wedding. Fortunately, I'm using my experiences to help you!


  • Assisting my co-pilot (your nominated family member or friend) in writing a ceremony that reflects the two of you. More like a coach or a mentor.

  • Up to 3 meetings with the dream team to create a ceremony that's just right

  • Unlimited correspondence with the wedding party and my co-pilot

  • Completion and lodgement of the Notice of Intention to Marry Form (NOIM) and all legal paperwork/registration

  • Use of my PA system at your ceremony, with wireless microphones and music playing functionality

  • Travel expenses within 30km of the Adelaide CBD

  • All legal aspects of your ceremony covered

How much will it cost?


Why so much?

  • Because I've developed my own resources to help guide my co-pilot through ceremony construction and delivery. I do this every other weekend; do they?
    My experience will assist them greatly.

  • Because you get to use my PA system, and that's not a cheap hire if you're after a decent quality system like mine.

  • Because I still need to travel to meetings to do paperwork, and I need to be at the ceremony too. Time is money, people. Petrol isn't cheap either.

  • Because I'm signing off on the legalities. There are some rules about how a ceremony can be delivered, and I need to make sure it's all above board.

  • Because you want your ceremony to be memorable for the RIGHT reasons; if the ceremony isn't up to scratch, I'll step in and edit until you're happy.

  • Because when things go pear-shaped, a professional can step in and assist.

  • Because it's a small price to pay for a truly personal experience.

  • Because without me, you can't get married.

I love co-piloting! It's such a unique way of involving a close friend. My advice? Do it!

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